Saturday Nov. 11th
5 pm at Grace Community Christian Church:
GC3 and Seek the Word conference:
The dangers of the culturally friendly, seeker sensitive movement


As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the reformation we cannot help but see a need for a new reformation, one from the current state of the American evangelical church. In a day where the church has become more concerned with being culturally relevant, we need a call back to scriptural authority. Join us at GC3 and Seek the Word ministries for the conference over “The dangers of the culturally friendly, seeker sensitive movement” as we want to strike a match that leads the church back to reform. Speakers include Pastor Brandon Richie, Pastor Tim Lee, Missionary Quinton Girten, and Zach Seaton. We hope you join us.
GC3 Women’s Bible Study resumes Sept. 16th. With the book ‘Faith: A Bible study on the book of James fro women’ by author Keri Folmar. This, like all the authors studies, is an inductive study, encouraging careful reading of God’s word. This study encourages, through the book of James to have an active faith. Ladies please join Liz Richie at the Richie home Saturday mornings 8:15am-9:30am for this wonderful study in God’s word.
GC3 Men’s Group:
Legacy: Every man leaves one. Lawson shows fathers how to be sure they’re leaving the right one. He takes today’s dads on a step-by-step journey through the ten essential biblical values that men are called to instill in their families. From the legacies of godliness and obedience to strength and discipline, men will learn how to ensure their spiritual legacy pays rich dividends into eternity. Drawing upon personal stories and other examples, Lawson puts the irresistible challenge to Christian men to begin today to revolutionize their families for generations to come. 
Join us starting in September!

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